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What does Fami-QS mean?
  • Fami-QS is a derivation of European Feed Additives and Premixtures Quality System.
  • FAMI-QS code of practice bases itself on a Quality Management System. The certificate guarantees the implementation of the requirements for feed hygiene in animal nutrition as laid down in Regulation (EC) No. 183/2005.
  • The European Regulation on Feed Hygiene (183/2005) sets up hygiene and safety requirements for the whole feed chain ‑ this includes feed additives and premixtures. This Regulation also promotes the establishment of codes of practice in the feed chain. Therefore the feed additive industry has decided to establish a code of practice covering feed additives and premixtures (as defined in Regulation 1831/2003/EC on additives for use in animal nutrition).
  • This code is the FAMI-QS Code of Practice for Feed Additive and Premixture Operators. A parallel and independent certification system has been developed by FAMI-QS Asbl. Participation in the FAMI-QS auditable system is based on voluntary commitment.
  • The FAMI-QS Code is certified by independent certification bodies, and run by the FAMI‑QS Asbl association.
What is FAMI-QS ??

A tool for complying with the Feed Hygiene Regulation, which:

  • Encourages the development of systems to good practice for hygiene
  • Requires the application of HACCP principles
  • Positive dynamic interaction with chain partners
Who can be certified?
  • Suppliers and initial manufacturers of Feed Additives/Pre-mixes to EU operators.
  • Producers and traders of feed additives and feed premixtures according to Regulation (EC) 1831/2003.
What areas are covered under this code?

The Code provides among other items requirements for good manufacturing of

  • Products
  • Handling of ingredients
  • Traceability
  • Logistics (incl. warehousing, transportation)

Its consists of text and questions, which are both used to define the requirements

The code also applies to import from third countries of feed additives and premixtures.
In order to align the Code with current animal feed legislation and various activities on national, industrial and/or association levels, it takes into account the principles of feed and food safety principles that are set out in:

  • The European Commission’s White Paper on Food Safety (COM (1999) 719 final)
  • European Council Directives 95/69/EEC and 98/51/EEC, laying down conditions and arrangements for approving and registering establishments and intermediaries in the animal feed sector (repealed by Regulation 183/2005).
  • Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on additives for use in animal nutrition. (1831/2003/EC).
  • Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council of 28 January 2002 laying down the general principles and requirements of food law, establishing the European Food Safety Authority. (178/2002/EC).
  • Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council laying down requirements for feed hygiene. (183/2005/EC).
  • The relevant codes of practice of the Codex Alimentarius.
  • The principles of HACCP, re. Codex Alimentarius, General principles of Food Hygiene, (CAC/RCP 1-1969, Rev. 4-2003 Amd. (1999), Annex on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) System and Guidelines for its Application),
  • Management systems developed by associations in different Member States, for instance: Code of Practice (FEFAC, EU) , FEMAS (AIC, UK) , GMP (OVOCOM, B), GMP+ (PDV, Nl) , Q+S (DVT, D).

Fami-Qs implementation improves / leads to

  • Conformance to Legal and Regulatory Requirements
  • Provide recognition throughout the supply chain as single standard approach to Food Safety
  • Compliance with the Codex HACCP principles.
  • Access to new markets through inclusion in the database of certified suppliers.
  • Increase profits by aligning your products to retailer/consumer requirements.
  • Improves the SAFETY and QUALITY of your product
  • Demonstrates sustainable production and manufacturing best practices
  • The ability to reduce the number and frequency of inconsistent and costly audits.
  • Systematic management of prerequisite programs.
  • Hazard analysis to evaluate threats to food safety.
  • Dynamic communication on food safety issues with suppliers, customers, regulators and other interested parties.
  • A systematic and proactive approach to identification of food safety hazards and development and Implementation of control measures.
  • Customer Confidence, Satisfaction and TRUST
  • clear responsibilities and authorities agreed for all staff
  • improved use of time and resources
  • greater CONSISTENCY and TRACEABILITY of products and services
  • Level of Assurance in Organisational QUALITY
  • Organisational PROFITABILITY
  • Ability to Differentiate Organization for Competitive Advantage
  • Organisational Credibility & Reputation.
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